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Marijuana viewed through a magnifying glass

Get the Most from Your Marijuana Collective Investment in Shasta Lake

Walking into your local collective for the first time may be a little intimidating for new patients. Many co-ops are brightly lit and display glass cases full of marijuana, concentrates and edibles. But many members do not know where to start. At the base, medical marijuana strains can be broken ...
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Scientist checking hemp flowers

What is a Shasta Lake Cannabis Cooperative?

Since 1996, Proposition 215 has allowed residents of California to use cannabis as medicine with a doctor’s recommendation. This law is called The Compassionate Use Act, and it has provided relief for and even saved the lives of countless seriously ill Californians. But what happens if a patient is too ...
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Medical marijuana in large jar

3 Reasons Co-Ops Are Still Necessary in Shasta Lake, California

This past November, California joined the ranks of Washington state and Colorado when voters elected to decriminalize marijuana for recreational use. While Proposition 64 may have made it easier for non-medical users to obtain and consume marijuana, there are still several reasons to consider remaining a member of a cannabis ...
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Marijuana Joints and Jars of Weed

How to Best Protect Your Collective Marijuana in Shasta Lake

Cannabis flowers tend to be sold by co-ops in small, clear plastic zip-top baggies, but it is advised that patients find alternative storage containers when they get their product home. THC will break down under bright lights and reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Likewise, a humid environment can cause ...
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Edibles at Shasta Lake Collective

Edibles at Your Shasta Lake Collective: How Do You Choose?

Many patients prefer to ingest their medical marijuana rather than smoke the buds or concentrates. However, choosing between the dizzying array of treats can be difficult, especially for new patients. For this reason, there are several things medical marijuana users should think about before trying to making this potentially daunting ...
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