Nurses Who Smoke Weed?

Nurses in states where marijuana use is legal, such as California and Colorado, are permitted to smoke the drug so long as they adhere to the drug policies of their employers, do not treat patients while under the influence of marijuana, do not work for the federal government, and do not have a nursing license.

Do your friends who work as nurses still use marijuana?

Your pals who continue to use marijuana but maintain their careers as nurses are not any less culpable; they are simply more skilled at concealing their behavior. Is the only possible explanation that they evaded detection through drug testing?

Can marijuana be caught through drug testing as a nurse?

Using a drug test will undoubtedly reveal positive results for marijuana. Do Nurses know whether and when their employers will conduct drug testing, as well as how frequently these tests will occur? When it comes to a pre-employment drug test, the date and time of the exam are often set well in advance.

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