What Is A Gb Weed?

A gravity bong, also known as a GB, geebie, bucket bong, grav, geeb, yoin, jib, buckie, or ghetto bong, is a way of smoking smokable drugs like cannabis. Other names for this type of bong include a ghetto bong and a ghetto geebie. Both a bucket bong and a waterfall bong are included in this category since they pull smoke through the combination of air pressure and water.

What is a weed?

  1. The word ″weed″ can also be given to any plant that grows or reproduces rapidly outside of its natural environment and is considered to be invasive there.
  2. In a broader meaning, the term ″weed″ is sometimes used in a derogatory way to refer to creatures that do not belong to the plant kingdom but are able to thrive in a variety of habitats and reproduce rapidly; in this sense, the term has even been used to refer to people.

What is a G-B Bong?

A gravity bong, often called a ″geeb″ or ″G-B,″ is a kind of water pipe that forces smoke straight into the user’s lungs. It is also known as a ″gravity bong.″ The operation of these bongs is accomplished by sinking a bottle or chamber that has a bowl of cannabis on top into a bigger bottle or bucket of water. This makes use of water and gravity.

How many grams are in a pound of weed?

For our purposes, let’s round the number of grams in a pound down to 453, even though technically there are 453.59237 grams in a pound. You could roll 453 huge joints, twice as many half-gram joints, or load up to 1,000 bowls with 453 grams of cannabis.

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What is GB?

Good luck to everybody!! Get a gb mug for your sister Zora. The term ″gigabyte″ refers to the amount of storage space that is equivalent to about 1,000,000,000 bytes (1,073,741,824 bytes to be exact). Get a gb mug for your cat José. -ok, gb!

How do gravity bongs get you higher?

The hit that you get from a gravity bong is far more potent than the hit that you get from a pipe or joint, since the gravity bong forces highly concentrated smoke into your lungs. When you take the contents of the smoke-filled container into your lungs, it is similar to taking in all of the smoke from a cannabis joint or bowl at once.

How do you smoke a Geeb?

While the bowl is being lit, lift the smaller bottle by slowly and carefully pulling it higher. This results in a void being created between the water and the neck, which the smoke is then able to fill. When there is an enough amount of smoke in the chamber, you will remove the bowl, and while inhaling, you will press down on the smaller bottle.

Are gravity bongs harmful?

A regular hit from a pipe or bong isn’t exactly healthy for the respiratory system to begin with, but inhaling all of that stale smoke at once is more worse for the lungs than taking even one hit from any of those devices. Gravity bongs are particularly terrible for your oral health since they hasten the process of discoloration and browning of the teeth that smoking has already begun.

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How do you make GB?


  1. Create a hole at the top of the cap. To begin, unscrew the cap off a 2-liter plastic bottle or any container of equal size made of plastic, such as a bottle of milk, a bottle of fruit juice, or a bottle of Gatorade
  2. Make the hole about the size of a pinky finger
  3. Rupture a square of aluminum foil and set it aside.
  4. Form a bowl out of the metal using molds.
  5. Position the foil so that it fits within the cap
  6. Make slits in the aluminum foil

Do gravity bongs make you cough?

  1. As the water goes into the bottle, the smoke will be forced into your lungs since there is less room in the container.
  2. Due to the fact that the cannabis smoke has been filtered via water, the temperature of the smoke will be reduced, but the THC content will be significantly increased.
  3. Gravity bongs have the capacity to induce coughing in even the most seasoned of cannabis drinkers, so proceed with caution if you want to use one!

What do gravity bongs do?

The hit that you get from a gravity bong is comparable to the hit that you get from an ordinary pipe or joint. This is because gravity bongs function by driving highly concentrated smoke into your lungs. When you take the contents of the smoke-filled container into your lungs, it is similar to taking in all of the smoke from a cannabis joint or bowl at once.

How do you inhale a gravity bong?

As soon as the chamber is full of smoke, you may remove the bowl and take a drag while you push the chamber toward the water below. The combination of taking a breath in and pressing the chamber downward causes smoke to be drawn into the lungs. The hit you take from the bong is not like any other; rather, it is a wild powerful rip that is out of this world.

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How do you make a socket with a Gigabyte?

In case you were curious about how to proceed, I will explain everything to you now.

  1. Pick an appropriate socket.
  2. Put the socket through its paces by inserting it into the opening of the bottle
  3. Create a watertight barrier by wrapping duct tape around the socket’s sides
  4. To make a ″bowl″ for your herb, insert a piece of metal gauze that is the correct size into the socket.
  5. Make a hole in the bottom of the bottle with the cutter

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