What To Do With Weed Stems?

What Can You Do With Weed Stems? Here Are Eight Creative Applications for Weed Stems

  1. Make Marijuana Topical Ointments Making a topical ointment with your cannabis stems is the first thing that you may attempt doing with them
  2. Make Stem Tea Making stem tea, which is something that a lot of people do, is yet another fascinating thing that you can do with the stems of the cannabis you have
  3. Make A Stem Pen You’re right, this is a bit out there, however other individuals have pulled this off in the past.
  4. Creating A Wick From A Stem Or Hemp Making a hemp wick is just another awesome thing you can do with the stems of your cannabis.
  5. Making Weed Stem Skewers Yes, this is another another application for weed stems that is, shall we say, a little out there, but some people have attempted it in the past.

Can You Make Marijuana topicals from stems?

The stems of marijuana plants may be used to make a wide variety of cannabis-infused topicals. You may now produce your own cannabis topicals at home, and research shows that they have a significant therapeutic benefit. The preparation of a cannabis topical may be as easy as slowly heating your stems in coconut oil over the course of some time.

Are You wasting your marijuana stems?

  • Many people frequently fall victim to the common misconception that the only way to consume marijuana stems is by smoking or vaping.
  • The vast majority of people who use cannabis are unaware of the myriad of inventive ways in which leftover marijuana stems can be enjoyed; as a result, they toss these jewels away.
  • A common yet costly oversight committed by consumers, which results in significant amounts of the useful natural product being thrown away.

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