What Would Happen If You Ate Weed?

When someone smokes marijuana, a significant amount of TCHA is ingested, which causes it to be processed by their stomach acid and digestive system. As a consequence, the substance entering your bloodstream is an extremely unlikely probability. You will finish up with an unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth and, more likely than not, an abdominal pain.

Unfortunately, eating cannabis won’t have any impact on your mental state, other than to make you absolutely repulsed by the experience. The use of cannabis won’t make you high, and it won’t even taste nice, according to a number of different sources; of course, personal experience is not relevant here.

What happens when you eat raw weed?

  1. You’ll rapidly come to the conclusion that hardly much actually takes place.
  2. THC is the sole cannabinoid that is responsible for producing any sort of high, and it is only produced following a process called solid decarboxylation.
  3. What Kind of Effects Does Eating Raw Weed Have?
  4. Raw cannabis does not contain any cannabinoids that are capable of producing psychoactive effects, hence there is no ″experience″ to record.

What happens when you eat decarbed cannabis?

  1. Because of the way your digestive system processes the cannabinoids, the impact of ingesting decarboxylated cannabis lasts for a longer period of time and is more intense.
  2. When you smoke marijuana, THC and a number of other significant cannabinoids make their way into your circulation nearly instantly through your lungs.
  3. But there is a pause as those cannabinoids travel through your digestive tract and into your stomach.

What are the effects of marijuana on the body?

These compounds can generate a range of effects, including euphoria, relaxation, increased hunger, reduced motor skills, short-term memory loss, dry eyes and mouth, and anxiety. If you’re among the two in five Americans who have smoked marijuana at least once in their lives, you undoubtedly have some notion what

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