When Did Michael Phelps Test Positive For Weed?

Although Michael Phelps was suspended when a photo showed him with a marijuana pipe to his lips, he did not test positive for marijuana in any of his tests. The date of Phelps’ ban, on the other hand, did not coincide with the Olympics in any way.

Did Michael Phelps test positive for marijuana?

Phelps, though, did not test positive for the presence of marijuana. This dispute stems from 2009, when a photograph surfaced showing Phelps smoking marijuana. This photograph is the source of the rumor that Phelps used marijuana. The Olympic swimmer, on the other hand, did not test positive for the substance in question.

Did Michael Phelps compete in the Olympics following a positive drug test?

Following a positive drug test, Michael Phelps did not take part in the Olympic competitions. This statement is FALSE.

Did Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps smoke marijuana?

While Richardson had ingested marijuana before to her competition, which is against the rules for this year’s tournament.Phelps did not experience this circumstance.A image that was taken in 2009 and published shows Phelps holding a water pipe that is commonly used to consume marijuana.According to a story from CNN from the time, the photograph was shot at a party held at the University of South Carolina in November of 2008.

Why was Michael Phelps suspended from swimming?

Context Following the publication of a photograph that appeared to show Michael Phelps consuming marijuana in 2009, USA Swimming placed him on a three-month suspension from the organization. Despite this, Phelps did not get a positive result for the substance, and the picture was shot many months after the Olympics in 2008.

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