Where Does Marijuana Grow?

Marijuana is said to have originated close to the Himalayas, which are located in Afghanistan, and as a result, it is known to thrive naturally in regions that are drier and colder. However, as a result of the extraordinary interest that people have shown in it since that time, it has now spread over the entire world.

  • There are places all over the world where marijuana may be found growing wild, despite the fact that the vast majority of marijuana that is used today is cultivated by people.
  • Numerous knowledgeable individuals are of the opinion that marijuana first appeared in South and Central Asia, but that it eventually made its way to practically every region of the world over the course of several hundred years.

Where does marijuana grow in America?

In modern times, one may find marijuana in almost all regions of South Asia, notably in Afghanistan. Marijuana is grown in huge quantities throughout the continent of America, particularly in South America. It’s possible that this is due to the fact that marijuana is a plant that does best in situations that are both hot and humid.

Which states produce the most cannabis?

  • The state of Kentucky has maintained its position near the top of the national rankings for both the indoor and outdoor production of cannabis thanks to its rugged forest areas, abundant water supply, and independent way of life.
  • It is believed that a combined 4.6 million pounds of cannabis is grown outdoors in the states of Tennessee and Kentucky, the majority of which is sent to eastern states.
  • While this is going on, conservative states are still having trouble getting medicinal marijuana legalized.
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Where does cannabis come from?

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