Where To Find Naku Weed Genshin?

On Kannazuka Island, in the neighborhood of Tatarasuna and more especially in the neighborhood of the Mikage Furnace, there is an abundance of Naku Weed. You have to solve a problem first before you may enter this section of the map.

Where can I offer Naku Weed?

Once you have finished this task, you will need to find a tiny bucket and bring it back to a home that is located close to Fort Fujitou. After getting close to the bucket, you will have the opportunity to interact with it and put twelve Naku Weed inside. This will initiate the secret quest, which in turn will put you on the path to obtaining the Luxurious Chest.

How do you get NAKU weed seeds?

The Naku Weed Seed is a Quest Item that may be acquired by achieving the third level of Reputation in Inazuma. When you acquire this item, the World Quest known as ″The Art of Horticulture″ will begin.

Can I buy Naku Weed?

Can You Buy Naku Weed? It is true that you are able to purchase Naku Weed in the city of Inazuma. Tsukumomono Groceries by Aoi is where you may purchase the plant. She replenishes her supply of Naku Weed once every several days and often sells five plants at a time.

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