Edibles at Your Shasta Lake Collective: How Do You Choose?


Many patients prefer to ingest their medical marijuana rather than smoke the buds or concentrates. However, choosing between the dizzying array of treats can be difficult, especially for new patients. For this reason, there are several things medical marijuana users should think about before trying to making this potentially daunting decision.


The first consideration for medical marijuana patients to keep in mind is the effect that a given edible will have. In California, edibles must be in stored in childproof packaging and cannot exceed 10 doses of one milligram servings. Keep in mind that the actual size of different edibles you will find at your local collective can be affected by the strain of marijuana used in the recipe. Most strains have a THC content of 10 percent, but new developments in hybrids and growing techniques has increased these numbers by up to 15 percent. Concentrates such as hash contain even higher percentages of THC per milligram and the treats made with them will appear much smaller than those created using the raw flowers. The growing method used, harvesting techniques, and the storage of their base ingredient can also affect the THC content.

Additionally, each strain of medical marijuana has a different THC and CBD ratio. A brownie consisting of more THC than CBDs will result in an uplifting high. On the other hand, a brownie made with the flowers of a different strain may contain a higher concentration of CBDs and therefore make the user feel calm and relaxed. If you aren’t sure what strains will produce which effects, the owners and employees at your co-op are usually well-informed and able to help you make your choice.


From sweet to savory and everything in between, the variety of available marijuana edibles is rapidly expanding. Patients can choose from hard candies or ice cream. Collectives may offer marijuana infused gummy treats or baked goods. On the other hand, beef jerkies and barbecue sauce are now available to those looking for something on the saltier or more meal-appropriate side of edibles. There are even nuts, marshmallows, and chocolate that can be eaten on their own or used as ingredients in other recipes.

The most surprising thing to recently hit the edibles market is what is being called “cannabeer”. Although these brews will not give the euphoric high associated with THC containing edibles, they are infused with cannabidiols (CBD). This THC counteracting ingredient is popular among those seeking relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, or seizures. The federal government has even approved these beers for distribution all over the United States because they have zero THC content.

Whether you want to feel the euphoric effects of THC or the health-related benefits of CBDs, there is no shortage of options for those seeking the relief offered by edibles.