Echo Weed Wacker How To String?

Echo Weed Wacker How To String
The majority of Echo Weed Eater models employ Speed Feed bump line. The loading process is simple and takes only a few minutes. You can be back at work in no time if you follow these three simple steps! Methodical Instruction Begin by lining up the arrow on the spool with the hole Feed 15 to 20 feet of line through the eyelet and hole, then tighten the line and ensure that both sides are the same length.

What type of string is compatible with the Echo SRM 225?

It employs two 0.95-inch cutting lines.

What is the ECHO SRM 225 cycle?


Assembly Required No CARB Compliant
Engine Cycles 2 Cycle 21.2
Engine Type 2-Stroke Antivibration,Automatic Line-Advance System,Translucent Fuel Tank
Fuel Tank Capacity (oz.) 14.2 oz Wind without Assembly
Included No Additional Items Included Bump