How Long Can A Cannabis Plant Live?

Cannabis is an annual dioecious (unisexual) flowering plant. To elaborate, it germinates from a seed, reaches sexual maturity, reproduces and dies all within one year when growing wild.

What is the average lifespan of cannabis plants?

Marijuana life expectancy. Typically, cannabis is an annual plant that survives for one season. This spans between five and ten months. However, the majority of types (except equatorials) are sensitive to photoperiod. This implies that they bloom according to the amount of hours of continuous darkness.

How long does the cannabis vegetative stage last?

How long does the stage of blossoming last? – The length of the blooming stage differs amongst strains. Flowering typically lasts between 8 and 11 weeks, depending on the strain. Typically, it is separated into weeks or three parts. The average blooming time for Indica strains is eight weeks, although it can take up to ten.
As long as you keep it in a vegetative state, yes. Eventually the plant will get root bound or youll have some other problom with it and it will die, but if you count clones as the same plant, then you can keep a cannabis plant alive indefinitely, but again, as long as you keep it in a vegetative state., Ph.D.

How frequently does cannabis die?

In regular everyday situations, wild cannabis dies annually. As the plant blooms, it devotes so much of its energy to developing and passing on life to the next generation that, by the time the seeds are produced, it has expended all of its stored energy. The plant weakens and its immunity declines. It dies. Always.