How To Change The String On A Echo Weed Eater?

How To Change The String On A Echo Weed Eater
Check the routing of the string from the spool through the holes in the trimmer heads while loading the string. Ensure that the string is wound in accordance with the arrow on the spool. A string will not progress if it is wound in the other way. Ensure the thread is concentric and firmly coiled around the spool, and that no parts overlap.

Turn off the grass trimmer and remove the spark plug. If the line is kinked or tangled, remove it from the spool. Next, cut a fresh line and properly reinstall it into the head of the weed eater. In addition, do not use too much of the trimmer’s head at once. Lastly, verify that the string is slightly shorter than the shield protecting the spinning lines.

This avoids the string from being tangled and jammed.

What gauge of string does the Echo GT 225 require?

Dual 0.080-inch cutting lines are utilized on a 16-inch-diameter head.

Does the Echo SRM 225 accept accessories?

A: The SRM-225 is intended for use exclusively as a trimmer/brushcutter. This template does not support attachments.

89 Octane + 2.6 fl. oz. ECHO Red Armor® Oil or ECHO PowerBlend® Oil.

What sort of spark plug is required for an ECHO SRM 225?

Spark Plug: NGK BPM- 7A or 7Y may be used.

89 Octane with 2.6 fluid ounces of either ECHO PowerBlend® Oil or ECHO Red Armor® Oil.