How To Maintain Weed Plants?

How To Maintain Weed Plants
Water and Air – The most essential and fundamental aspects of maintaining a healthy root zone for your cannabis plants are to provide sufficient water and air to the roots. You must also maintain the proper temperature range. All roots require water for survival.

  • In addition, the water must be delivered to all plant parts, including the tissues.
  • When your cannabis plants are adequately hydrated, they will perform normally.
  • If your plant’s roots are too dry, it will be highly stressed, and its development may never return to normal.
  • However, avoid giving your roots too much water because you don’t want them to drown.

For the roots to engage in sufficient aerobic respiration, they must have sufficient oxygen to breathe. Typically, the air bubbles trapped in the soil feed marijuana plants with oxygen, which is why it is essential to keep aerated soil. If you intend to employ the deep water cultivation technique in which the roots are submerged in water for extended durations, the water must be oxygenated.

How much water do weeds require each day?

During the usual 150-day growth season, from June to October, a cannabis plant consumes around 22.7 liters or 6 gallons of water each day, according to the findings of the study.

How To Maintain Weed Plants Weeks 4-6: Buds Fatten Up – At this point in the cannabis flowering cycle, the buds are growing larger. They’ll still have protruding white pistils, but you’ll be able to observe the buds becoming larger each day. At this stage, the “stretch” is about complete, and you may lower the quantity of plant training.

  1. You must also ensure that your buds and colas are standing upright.
  2. Support them with netting or ties, and do not flatten them.
  3. If your buds get too heavy, you will need to reinforce them with netting or ties.
  4. Due to the fact that your plants are not producing many new leaves at this point, you must handle the remaining ones with care.
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It is fine to clip away leaves that are blocking over your bud sites, but keep in mind that healthy leaves act as nutrient storage for the plant! At this time, the pistils will likely still be white, but watch those buds grow!

How much water does a blossoming weed plant need?

Flowering period Even while it can obtain some water from the soil at this stage, it is insufficient for optimum plant development, particularly in places with little rainfall. At this time, it is advised to water the bushes every three to four days.