How To Top And Train Weed Plants?

How To Top And Train Weed Plants
How To Top A Weed Plant – Topping a weed plant is pretty simple, provided you do it at the right time. In addition to requiring no additional equipment, this operation requires minimal effort. To top a marijuana plant, all you need is a pair of trimming shears (here are our top 10), pruning shears, or basically any large, sharp scissors that can cut through the main marijuana stalk.

Cut the main stalk just above the uppermost lateral branches, preferably above the fifth or sixth node, and that’s it. Remember to allow around 2 inches of space between where you cut and the major branches, as this will limit the chance of serious or permanent damage, particularly when it comes to breaking the main stalk in half or injuring the lateral branches below.

It consists mostly of removing this portion of the plant. To prevent the plant from being infected in any way, sanitize the scissors or pruning shears beforehand.

When should plant training begin?

Early low-stress training is optimal – As with children, the optimal time to begin teaching a plant is while it is young. As plant stems age, they become stiff and woody, making them harder to bend without breaking. However, new growth is exceedingly adaptable.

Some believe that topping does not boost yield since the colas become smaller with each topping. However, it has been demonstrated that the cumulative yield is significantly greater when plants are pruned. Therefore, topping does really boost yield.

How large should my plants be following two weeks?

How large should my weed plants be following two weeks? – Your plant should typically be between 2 and 3 inches tall with 2 to 3 sets of leaves, including the cotyledons (seed leaves which are rounded). Results may vary, but they will rely heavily on the quality of your seeds, the soil in which they are germinating, and the light they are receiving.

  • If your seedling is not receiving enough light, it may grow taller in an effort to get closer to a light source.
  • If you are using a light yet the seedling continues to stretch, you may be using the incorrect sort of light.
  • Use a light source that contains some blue; “cool white” bulbs are ideal for seedlings because of this.
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