What Weeds Does Weed B Gon Kill?

What Weeds Does Weed B Gon Kill
Eliminates Dandelion, chickweed, knotweed, plantain, henbit, spurge, and several other broadleaf weeds from lawns. Kills weeds – not lawn grasses.

Will Ortho Weed B Killer eliminate crabgrass?

Disposal Techniques –

  • The Comfort Wand® is reusable with refill bottles of Ortho® Weed B-gonTM Lawn Weed Killer Ready-to-Use + Crabgrass Control.
  • The container cannot be refilled. Do not refill or reuse.
  • If empty, place in the trash or, if accessible, offer for recycling.
  • Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions if only partially full. Never pour unneeded product down a drain, whether indoor or outdoor.

What is killed by Scotts Weed B Gon?

Controls the following lawn weeds: dandelion, English daisy, false dandelion, white clover, black medic, bull thistle, Canada thistle, common chickweed, creeping buttercup, slender speedwell, narrow-leaved plantain, broad-leaved plantain (suppression only), dove’s foot geranium, wild geranium, lawn burweed, moss and goosegrass.

When should Weed B Gon be used?

Whenever possible –

  • Apply in the early spring, when crabgrass reaches 4 inches in height, or when it first becomes evident.
  • When daytime temperatures are below 90°F (do not apply to Bermudagrass when temps are over 85°F) and weeds are young and actively developing, applications should be done.
  • Apply to new lawns only after grass has achieved a minimum height of 2 inches.
  • Avoid treatments during the warm-season grasses’ spring transition.