When Was Marijuana Legal In Alaska?

When Was Marijuana Legal In Alaska
Utilization and possession of marijuana for non-medical purposes became legal in Alaska on February 24, 2015, as a result of the adoption of Ballot Measure 2.

When did Alaska legalize marijuana?

Cannabis is allowed for recreational use in Alaska since 2015. First legalized in 1975 by the court judgement Ravin v. State, it was recriminalized in 1990 by Measure 2. Prior to the passage of Measure 2 with 53.2% of the vote in 2014, ballot initiatives in 2000 and 2004 failed to legalize recreational marijuana usage. Measure 8 legalized medical marijuana in 1998.

When will marijuana be legal like alcohol?

As the deadline has gone, campaigners are now focusing on the election in 2022. The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Amendment marijuana legalization proposal proposes a constitutional amendment that would allow individuals over 21 to possess marijuana.