Who Makes Ryobi Weed Eaters?

Who Makes Ryobi Weed Eaters
Overview of the Ryobi String Trimmer – This weed eater is manufactured by the Hong Kong-based TTI subsidiary Ryobi power tool firm. The firm manufactures many varieties of weed eaters with varying horsepower and accessories. All are distinguished by the company’s yellow handle and the Ryobi brand name.

Is Ryobi a reputable brand of weed-whackers?

Cons – – Lack of shoulder strap Why you can rely on Top Ten Reviews Our professional reviewers devote countless hours to evaluating and comparing products and services so that you may select the best option. Learn more about how we do testing. The RYOBI RY40204A Electric Weed Eater is an excellent general-purpose electric weed eater.

It is a battery-powered lawn trimmer that can continue cutting longer than the majority of other battery-powered weed eaters, allowing it to easily maintain larger gardens. It’s also the lightest model in our roundup of the best electric weed eaters, at just 5 pounds, tied with the Sun Joe TRJ13STE. Even while it’s not as adaptable as some of the other electric weed eaters on our list, it still has a variety of functions that make it an excellent addition to the garden shed.

It’s also a bit more expensive than some of the other weed eaters we’ve reviewed, but it’s cordless and offers amazing cutting power, so it’s not unexpected that this contributes to the price.

Yes, Ryobi and Homelite are presently owned and manufactured by the same company, TTI (TechTronics Industries), thus if your machine’s component number is the same, the part is same. Helpful?

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Are STIHL weed eaters American-made?

The bulk of STIHL products offered in the United States are produced domestically with domestic and imported components.

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