How To Cure Weed Sims 4?

If your Sim possesses 15 uncured buds of the same strain in their inventory, you will be able to click on the empty cure jar and pick ″Cure Weed″ from the menu. Your Sims’ inventory will show the jar that is being used to cure the cannabis at the appropriate time. It doesn’t really make a difference whether you keep it there or put it on a shelf; either option is OK.

Can your sims have cannabis?

Because to a mod known as Basemental, which was developed by a user by the name of Filip, it is now possible for your Sims to use cannabis. had a conversation with him to gain further insight into his process. The first modder to introduce drugs to The Sims that can be used and ingested by the game’s characters was Filip.

How do drugs work in Sims 4?

Each drug has the same effect on its Sim user as it would have on a real person, elevating their mood, improving their energy and productivity, keeping them awake, or causing them to become extremely tired. Cannabis may be grown by Sims, and Sims can make money by supplying narcotics.

What happens when you turn into a Plantsim Sims 4?

The ″Be the PlantSim″ +1 Happy moodlet is awarded to Sims once they have successfully transformed into a PlantSim. This moodlet has a duration of five days, and after it has run its course, PlantSims will revert to their normal human form. When a PlantSim is exposed to sunlight, they will also experience the ″Photosynthesizing″ moodlet, which grants a +2 Energized boost.

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How do you plant uncured buds in Sims 4?

  • After you have opened the packet, put the uncured buds in the Planter Box so that they are sitting on top of the soil.
  • To plant the unmatured buds, right-click on them and select ″Plant.″ After that, all of the buds that were placed there will be planted by your Sim.
  • Take care of the plants by providing them with water, love, and care (as you would do with regular plants in the game).
  • After some time has passed, the plants will begin to produce a harvest of uncured buds for you to harvest.

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