How To Get The Weed Smell Out Of My Car?

  1. Ozium Spraying your vehicle with Ozium is, by far and away, the most effective approach to remove the smell of marijuana from your vehicle
  2. Febreze The use of Ozium is the most common method, although a close second is spraying with Febreze. It appears to perform virtually as well as the original, but is typically less expensive
  3. Lysol Lysol, which comes in the form of a spray, is widely used as a disinfectant.
  4. Axe body spray We were taken aback by the number of people who advised that you spray your automobile with Axe deodorant
  5. A Chronic Case of Orange Orange Chronic is a product that is designed to be used for cleaning bongs, but some individuals assert that it is also effective when sprayed on the exterior of a vehicle.

How to get rid of marijuana odor in your car?

Veil forms chemical interactions with the chemicals in marijuana that are responsible for its smell, changing the appearance of those molecules so that they are no longer detectable by the human nose. After you’ve finished smoking, spray some of this solution into the air and on the fabric of the interior of your automobile to get rid of the smell of marijuana.

Can you put vinegar in your car to make it smell good?

The same principle applies to vodka and white vinegar. You may fill about a cup with vodka or vinegar and leave it in your vehicle overnight to see if it helps (or however long it will take). One more time, with time, the ability of vinegar and vodka to absorb odors will become less effective.

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Why does my car smell like weed when I smoke?

If you have smoked marijuana in your car for an appreciable amount of time, you are going to have to take more drastic measures in order to get rid of the lingering smell of pot smoke.The flower of the cannabis plant is the component that is actually smoked, and similar to other types of flowers, it has a high concentration of ‘terpenes,’ which are molecules that emit a pungent odor (especially when burned).

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