How To Top Cannabis Plant?

The area right above the leaves of the following node is a suitable spot to top the plant. To put it another way, make your incision through the stem directly above the group of leaves that come next from the top. Because of this, your plant will direct its energy toward developing two new primary colas, which are shown by the two yellow dots in the diagram that is located above.

Although topping is an essential step in the cannabis cultivation process, you should avoid doing it too soon or your plant might not be able to recuperate from the stress it has experienced.When the kola has formed at least three or four new nodes, you may begin the procedure without inflicting any long-term damage to the plant, which is the earliest point at which you can begin the process.

What is the best way to top cannabis?

When cannabis plants are mature, robust, and able to resist significant stress, topping them is the most effective technique.A decent rule of thumb to follow while doing the initial topping, also known as cutting the main stalk, is to make your cut just above the fifth node.You will then have sufficient side branches on the remaining portion of the plant for it to bush out in the appropriate manner as a result of your actions.

When to top your plants?

  1. Clematis. It is time to trim the clematis that blossom in May and June (also known as group 2), as well as the clematis that flower in late summer (group 3)
  2. Epimedium trimmed back.
  3. Winter jasmine.
  4. Hydrangea flowers and heads
  5. Hedges.
  6. Brassicas grown in the winter
  7. Heads of grass.
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When to top a plant?

You may encourage bushy growth by topping your plants, and you should begin trimming them as soon as they begin to take on a bushier appearance. You’ll get a better idea of a plant’s overall form and of its texture as it continues to mature and bush out.

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