How To Become A Weed Dealer?

  1. Despite the fact that we do not in any way encourage anybody to violate any laws that ban the sale of particular drugs, the following are some of the greatest suggestions that were available for selling pot back in the day: Acquire marijuana: To get started in the business of selling pot, you will need to either cultivate at least a few marijuana plants yourself or locate one or more connections who are able to provide you with it.
  2. Learn your customer base: Your potential clients wanted eighths of high-grade nugs (and the costs that go with with them), or did they want half an ounce of mids?
  3. It is tempting to offer everyone a big bag, and it will surely urge clients to keep your phone on speed dial, but before you do so, you should weigh it and bag it.

How much money do you need to start a weed business?

The basic fact is that if you want to get started in this industry with any level of seriousness, you are going to need more than simply a couple of hundred dollars to do it. If you buy your cannabis at a price that is quite similar to the retail price and then resale it, you are not going to generate a profit that is satisfactory.

How to become a successful drug dealer?

Ever. It is necessary to begin one’s career in the drug trade by first establishing oneself as a profitable customer of illicit substances. Buy and consume as many illicit substances as you can get your hands on. When people begin to associate your name with drug usage, they will start coming up to you and asking if you would be willing to split the profits with them.

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