Where To Buy Naku Weed Genshin?

Can You Buy Naku Weed? It is true that you are able to purchase Naku Weed in the city of Inazuma. Tsukumomono Groceries by Aoi is where you may purchase the plant. She replenishes her supply of Naku Weed once every several days and often sells five plants at a time.

Where can I find Naku Weed?

From Aoi, the proprietor of Tsukumono Groceries in Inazuma, you will be able to purchase Naku Weeds once every three days. At this shop, a single Naku Weed may be purchased for a total of five thousand Mora.

How do you get NAKU weed seeds?

The Naku Weed Seed is a Quest Item that may be acquired by achieving the third level of Reputation in Inazuma. When you acquire this item, the World Quest known as ″The Art of Horticulture″ will begin.

How long does Naku Weed Respawn?

Every two days in the actual world, Naku Weeds will respawn. In addition to that, there is a seller that sells naku weed. Aoi is willing to part with five of these hard-to-find plants for the price of one thousand mora each in the city of Inazuma.

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