Where To Find Naku Weed?

There are pockets of Naku Weed over all three of Inazuma’s islands. The majority of them can be found on Kannazuka Island, while just a handful can be found on Narukami, and an even smaller number can be found on the third island.

Where can I collect Naku Weed?

You can get Naku Weed close to the electrified water at the foot of Mount Yougou if you do not yet have access to the Mikage Furnace region. On Yashiori Island, you may also locate them close to the Gorge there.

Where can you find Naku Weed Genshin?

The majority of Naku Weed may be found growing in clumps in two different locations: on the edge of the cliffs that are located between Fort Fujitou, Higi Village, and Musoujin Gorge, and in the open region that is located within Jakotsu Mine.

Can I buy Naku Weed?

From Aoi, the proprietor of Tsukumono Groceries in Inazuma, you will be able to purchase Naku Weeds once every three days. At this shop, a single Naku Weed may be purchased for a total of five thousand Mora.

Where can I buy NAKU seeds?

The Naku Weed Seed is a Quest Item that may be acquired by achieving the third level of Reputation in Inazuma. When you acquire this item, the World Quest known as ″The Art of Horticulture″ will begin.

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