Why Is Cannabis Not Allowed On College Campuses?

Despite the fact that certain states have passed laws criminalizing cannabis use and possession on college campuses, this prohibition will not be lifted as long as cannabis remains a Schedule I substance and the federal government continues to enforce it.

The federal government does not provide an exception for the possession or selling of cannabis. Marijuana is considered to be a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. This means that there are no known health benefits associated with using marijuana, and it also has a high potential for misuse.

What is the law on cannabis on college campuses?

Therefore, the use of cannabis, possession of cannabis in any form, or possession of paraphernalia of any kind will not be permitted on campus. This includes paraphernalia of any kind (2). As a component of the student code of conduct or the honor code, several educational institutions may restrict the use of cannabis both on and off campus (3).

Is it legal to use marijuana in school?

  • It is Not Permitted If marijuana usage is permitted in the state where you go to school, then that must mean that it is OK to do so, right?
  • It’s not quite that.
  • Many states around the United States have passed laws that make it legal to consume marijuana for recreational and medical purposes.
  • As a result of these legislative shifts, many students are unsure about how the rules pertain to them and how they should behave in accordance with them.

What happens if you get caught with medical marijuana on campus?

In the event that a person who uses medicinal marijuana is found to be in possession of his medicine while on campus, but can demonstrate that he is enrolled in the medical program by showing a valid card, he will not be subject to any disciplinary action.

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