How Long Can You Store Cannabis Seeds?

How long may cannabis seeds be stored? – All seeds are live creatures that are in a dormant condition. The seeds will germinate after being exposed to dampness. When preserving cannabis for extended durations, we recommend keeping the relative humidity below 9 percent.

In a ‘No Frost’ refrigerator, cannabis seeds have an average minimum shelf life of three years. After this stage, the germination success rate will begin to decline. In certain instances, cannabis seeds may be stored for over 10 years and still germinate. At room temperature, seeds will keep their germination power for at least six months.

After then, they will lose their ability to germinate.

How long can you preserve Autoflower seeds?

When keeping cannabis seeds, humidity levels are a significant consideration. In order for cannabis seeds to germinate, moist, humid conditions are required. So it makes sense to store cannabis seeds in low humidity conditions. You should never keep your seeds in a damp environment, since this can cause the shell to soften.

Water/moisture is a highly efficient method for softening the tough, stiff shell of cannabis seed. Thus, the tap root can emerge. When cannabis seeds are stored for an extended period of time, their real water content is around 10%. Refrigerating cannabis seeds is a simple approach to maintain the low humidity levels required for long-term seed viability.

As long as your cannabis seeds are stored in a dark, dry container with no condensation around the seeds, you should be able to store them in the refrigerator for at least 5 years with good germination rates. There is no need to measure humidity levels in your refrigerator.

  1. Simply store your seeds in a sealed, dark, and dry container in your refrigerator, and they should survive for many years.
  2. If you have grown your own cannabis seeds, you may be aware that they may be too fresh to germinate if they are harvested directly from the plant.
  3. Some think that cannabis seeds should be stored and matured for a little duration at room temperature.
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This permits the moisture content of the seed to decrease sufficiently so that the seeds become more viable. How long must seeds dry before being stored? Several months at room temperature should be adequate.

Humidity levels Effects on cannabis seeds
75% to 100% Humidity is too high, causing seeds to have excessively high internal moisture content which decreases long term germination viability.
25% to 75% Good for cannabis seed storage, especially at low temperatures in sealed/dark containers.
0% to 25% Too dry, seeds may desiccate (dry out excessively) especially if they were not in a sealed humidity proof bag/container.

What is the lifespan of feminized seeds?

Cannabis seeds have the greatest shelf life in the refrigerator – As is the case with many aspects of cannabis cultivation, the optimal method for storing seeds is the subject of discussion. There is also considerable dispute on their durability in any given storage area.

According to Leafly, seeds must be maintained carefully to avoid mold or infections from ruining them. They should be kept in a cold, dark location for a maximum of 16 months. If you will be waiting longer than 16 months, it is preferable to freeze them for future use. However, others claim that seeds may be preserved for years in a cold, dark location.

As previously said, there is considerable controversy regarding the most effective methods for cultivating cannabis. If you have stored your seeds for an extended period of time in a cold, dark location, check them carefully and be cautious. Expect greater seed loss as time passes, though.

  1. The longer they are stored, the greater the likelihood that some will not germinate.
  2. For long-term preservation, it is therefore advised to chill or freeze your seeds.
  3. They will have a much shorter lifespan if they are not kept in a cold, dark environment and are instead kept in normal circumstances.
  4. According to some reports, they will only live a few months under normal settings.

If you do not intend to utilize your seeds soon, it is preferable to store them somewhere cold and dark to prevent the growth of infections and mold. Try to use your cannabis seeds within three years of getting them, as a general rule. Five years is a fairly long time for seeds.

This is likely excessive (unless you’re opening the desiccant packets and distributing them on your seeds, which you’re not, are you?) However, there is nothing wrong with using only the safest materials available for a little additional piece of mind.

Will broken seeds sprout?

Manually cracking the seed’s shell represents the worst-case situation and your final resort. This is accomplished by holding the seed between your finger and thumb and removing a portion of the shell with your thumb nail. By creating a small break in the seed, it is guaranteed that water will enter and the germination process will commence.

Can I plant seeds from last year? – Maybe. Most vegetable seeds may be stored until their expiry date provided they are kept cool, dry, and out of direct sunlight. Baker Seed guarantees its seeds for a minimum of two years following purchase. The majority of seeds have a three- to five-year shelf life, however these dates might vary depending on the type.