How Long Does A Cannabis Plant Take To Grow?

How Long Does A Cannabis Plant Take To Grow
Cannabis plants go through a range of developmental phases during their existence. Each phase of cannabis development has its own specific requirements, including varying amounts of light, water, and nutrients. It might take anywhere from four to eight months to cultivate a cannabis plant, depending on the location.

With an indoor grow room, you have complete control over climatic conditions, and your plants may blossom within a matter of weeks! Your understanding of the cannabis growth phases and the lifetime of your plants affects the quality of your crop. Grow room air filtration protects plants during all stages of growth by preventing mold and bacteria growth, eliminating stagnant air, and continuously creating clean, filtered air.

Utilizing grow room air filtration is the practice of utilizing a specialized filtration system and filter material to draw in and capture airborne pollutants and other grow room dangers. When air filtration is implemented during cannabis cultivation, it guarantees that plants receive the cleanest air possible from the germination of seeds through harvesting, drying, and curing.

Before we go into the various cannabis growing phases, let’s review some essential information regarding cannabis seeds. You may have heard the question “Can you determine the gender of a cannabis seed?” While there is presently no method to examine a seed to identify its gender, there are firms that offer feminized seeds with a 99.9% chance of producing female plants.

The cannabis seed is inert unless exposed to water and light. They are relatively robust and thrive in chilly, dark environments such as freezers. It is vital to know that cannabis seedlings might become damaged or perish if temperatures dip below freezing.

  • Cannabis plants are often dioecious, meaning that the male and female reproductive organs are located on distinct plants.
  • However, occasionally cannabis plants exhibit intersex features and are known as hermies.
  • Only female cannabis plants can produce buds that can be harvested for smoking, vaping, dabbing, or consumption.
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Male plants and hermaphrodites must be eliminated prior to the opening of the flowers to guarantee that the cannabis preserves its quality and remains seedless. When male or dual-sex plants grow alongside females, they pollinate them, prompting the females to shift their concentration from feeding buds to making seeds, resulting in a diminished and possibly destroyed bud harvest.

How long does it take cannabis to develop from seed?

From the first day of a marijuana plant’s existence until when it may be smoked, 2 to 6 months will pass. There are many variables that impact the overall duration (particularly the strain and size of the plant), but the typical period is three to four months.

  • Utilize an autoflowering variety (ready to harvest in as little as 10 weeks from germination)
  • Standard (photoperiod) seedlings do not generally mature in less than three months.
  • Average 1-2 ounces per plant
  • Expect up to 4 or 5 ounces per plant in 5-gallon pots under intense grow lighting.
  • Autoflowering plants may generate several ounces per plant when grown outside in direct sunshine.

3-5+ months between planting and harvest

  • Photoperiod strains are the greatest option (they are variable in terms of time and allow you to determine the ultimate plant size and yields).
  • Expect up to 5 ounces per plant in 5-gallon containers with intense grow light.
  • Up to 10 oz per plant or more if you have a good light source, a 10-gallon container, and allow the plant to grow large before commencing blooming.
  • When cultivating photoperiod plants outdoors, you must choose a climate-appropriate strain and plant in the spring so that the buds are ready for harvest before winter.

How long does it take to cultivate marijuana indoors?

How Long Does It Take for a Marijuana Plant to Grow From Seed to Harvest? Depending on a number of variables, the time it takes to cultivate a marijuana plant from seed to harvest might vary. On average, however, it takes between 3 and 8 months for a cannabis plant to mature from seed to harvest.

Growing marijuana indoors allows you to manage the atmosphere and accelerate the growth process. However, if you cultivate cannabis outdoors, you will have to wait until the fall season, which might take many extra months. The time required to cultivate a marijuana plant varies depending on the strain.

Some cannabis strains take longer to cultivate than others.