How Many Weed Plants Can You Grow In Oregon?

How Many Weed Plants Can You Grow In Oregon
Personal Cultivation Limits – Oregon is one of the few states that now permits personal cannabis cultivation. A family may cultivate up to four plants on their private land. The four-plant household restriction applies regardless of the number of adults residing in the home.

OMMP cardholders may own six mature plants, twelve immature plants 24 inches or higher, and thirty-six immature plants less than 24 inches. Plants may be cultivated indoors or outdoors; if grown outside, they must be hidden from public view. Some towns and counties prohibit the selling of marijuana for recreational purposes, although this does not prohibit home cultivation.

Cannabis produced at home is for personal consumption only and cannot be sold or exchanged for anything of value. There is no absolute right to produce your own cannabis plants: If you are renting your house, the landlord may prohibit the growth of cannabis on the premises.

What occurs if you cultivate more than four plants in Oregon?

More than four plants and up to eight plants constitute a Class B misdemeanor punishable by up to six months in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

Site Registration Price – The site registration fee is $200. WHO SHOULD PAY? Growers are required to pay the grow site registration cost IF:

  • Growing for the sake of another
  • or
  • Growing in a location other than their residence
  • or
  • cultivation of more than 12 plants
  • or
  • Transferring surplus goods to processors or distributors.

ALL of the following must be true in order to be exempt from paying the grow site registration fee:

  1. You are only growing for yourself.
  2. You are cultivating in a private house with 12 or less mature plants
  3. and
  4. You are not sending the substance to an OHA processing facility or dispensary. (OAR 333-008-0630)
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  • When a patient applies for the first time, renews their registration, or makes a modification to choose a new grower, payment is required.
  • When a patient files a new or renewal application listing them as the grower, OMMP will contact the grower.
  • The notification will ask you to go into your OMMOS account online and pay the grower charge.
  • It is only possible to pay online using a credit or debit card.
  • The grower card will not be issued until receipt of the grow site registration fee. Grower and grow site will be withdrawn if payment is not received by the due date.
  • The grower card will be mailed to the grower upon receipt of the grow site registration fee.

How do you acquire a growers license in Oregon?

What is the procedure for applying for an Oregon Producer License? – Let’s examine the Oregon Producer License application procedure. What does it consist of? The application procedure begins with a $250 nonrefundable application fee. Using this form, you must also send a laundry list of supporting material, including the following: A copy of the local government’s completed Land Use Compatibility Statement; A lease, deed, or other document demonstrating that the applicant has legal access to the property where they want to cultivate cannabis; A schematic of the planned property’s perimeter, including floor plans for any proposed structures.

  1. Include every information, including the location of every security camera; Utilized water source documentation in the form of a billing statement or contract.
  2. Paperwork pertaining to the business’s structure, such as an LLC Questionnaire, a corporation Questionnaire, or single proprietor documents.
  3. An Individual History form for each individual designated as a candidate, and the OLCC may request Individual History forms for any additional individuals it deems necessary.
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Then, you will answer questions about your planned business on the application itself. You need to know projected operating hours, canopy size, equipment, if the grow will be indoors or outside, and more. You will then submit your application! Then, an OLCC investigator is assigned to your filed application.

Therefore, every time you smoke a cigarette in your automobile, you contribute to a large amount of air pollution.” According to Davis, the carcinogens in secondhand smoking are especially harmful to growing lungs. The new law does not yet apply to electronic cigarettes.

  1. On January 1, a new Oregon law made it illegal to smoke cigarettes in a car containing kids.
  2. Smoking in the automobile with kids is a secondary crime.
  3. This implies that law enforcement must first stop a motorist for a different offence.
  4. The police can then issue a ticket with a $250 fine for smoking in a car containing minors.

The penalties for the second offense is $500. According to Jason Davis of Lane County Health and Human Services, sliding down a window does not offer sufficient ventilation. Davis: “In 2006, the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a research which revealed that even after rolling down your car’s windows while smoking, the levels still surpassed the EPA’s Air Quality Index’s harmful threshold.

In Oregon, can a criminal work at a dispensary?

Your application for a Marijuana Worker Permit may be refused if: Within three years of the date the Commission received your application, you were convicted of a felony for possession, manufacturing, or distribution of a prohibited drug.