How To Make Hemp Necklaces With Pendant?

How to Make Hemp Jewelry With a Pendant

  • Step 1 Figure out how long you want your necklace to be and create a guide string.
  • Step 2 Prepare four lengths of hemp for the necklace weave.
  • Step 3 Weave the hemp.
  • Step 4 String the pendant.
  • Step 5 Finish weaving the hemp on the other side of the pendant.
  • Step 6

What is a necklace made of hemp?

Article Download Article Download Hemp is a type of fiber derived from the cannabis plant. Typically, hemp necklaces are created using the macramé technique, which involves knotting and braiding a thick hemp string. The necklaces are easy to create and need minimal materials. You may build a hemp necklace to wear or give as a present to friends with some time and effort. Select your hemp thread. Hemp normally has a natural brown hue, however there are many more color options available. It is possible to get hemp twine with a thickness more than 1 mm. Ensure that the cord you select is uniform and silky, unless you want a rougher rope. You may get hemp online or locate it at craft and hobby stores.

  • 2 Determine the sort of necklace you desire. This approach demonstrates how to incorporate beads and a pendant into a necklace design. You can add more beads to your necklace, or you can opt to solely use twine. If you choose to use simply twine, continue knotting as usual and do not bother about stringing the beads. Advertisement
  • Trim the hemp. Cut a 5-yard (4.5-meter) piece of hemp using scissors. Then, cut a second length that is twice as long as the jewelry piece plus a few additional inches. This necklace will be around 1.5 feet (0.5 meters) in length, so a single yard (almost a meter) will suffice.

If you like a shorter or longer necklace, you can measure the cord around your neck to choose the length. Add several feet to the measured length to provide for knotting. 4 Wax the severed chord. Before beginning, rub the hemp thread with beeswax. It aids in keeping the knots tight and protects the fabric from being dirty. Beeswax bars are typically available at hobby stores. Advertisement

  1. First, fold the cords in half. The shorter length should be on the inside, while the 5-yard (4.5 meter) length should be on the outside. The larger 5-yard (4.5 meter) rope will be used to create the “knotter” cords, while the shorter string will be utilized to anchor the knots. Ensure that the ends of each string are aligned equally.
  2. 2 Perform an overhand knot This knot should be tied atop the loops. This prevents the loops from unraveling.
  3. 3 Organize your cables. Place the shorter strands within. The longer strands must be placed on the outside. If you are unable to properly align the cords, you may need to undo your knot, realign the ends, and then retie the knot.
  4. Fourth, create a half-square knot. Grab the rope on the far right to begin. Pull it under the first two left-side cords and over the final one. Make a loop on the far right using the cord. Bring the cord below the first two left-facing cords and over the last cord.
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Bring the leftmost cord over the center two cords and through the loop.

  1. 5. Loosen the knot. Maintain the two central cords parallel to the surface you are working on and taut. As the knot ascends the center strands, raise the two outside cords in a vertical angle as you pull up the center cords. When the knot reaches the top, tighten it.
  2. Continue tying knots. To get a flat appearance with your hemp, alternate the starting side. Continue knotting until you reach an inch (2.5 cm) in length, or around 17 knots, for this pattern.
  3. 7 On each of the two middle strands, string a bead. Attach the to the most recent knot. Then, create a square knot with the two outside cords beneath the bead. If you choose not to add beads to your necklace, you can continue knotting.
  4. Return to knotting. Continue tying half square knots as described previously. Continue until you have 6 inches of knots (15.2 cm). At this point, you should still have plenty of hemp remaining. (15.2 cm).
  5. Connect a pendant. Attach the pendant when you reach roughly the center of the necklace (6 or 7 more inches, or 15 or 17 cm). You may attach a pendant to the bottom cord by stringing it there. Once the pendant is in place, knotting may resume as usual.
  6. 10 Add one more bead. Proceed to tie knots away from the pendant. When you reach the same distance between the first bead and the pendant as between the first bead and the pendant, string the second bead onto the two middle cords. Underneath, tie the two outer cords together.
  7. 11 Complete knotting. Knot another inch (2.5 cm) away from the final bead for this pattern. Or, stop knotting after you have achieved the desired length for your necklace. At this stage, you are nearly finished creating your necklace.
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  1. 1 Tie the necklace closed. There are several methods to complete a necklace. You may use clasps or the easiest technique, which is to just tie it off. If you choose not to use claps, tie an overhand knot right below the last half-square knot. Glue can be applied to the knot as it is being tied to strengthen its grip.
  2. 2 Complete with a metal clasp. To utilize a metal clasp, the ends of the necklace must be finished with metal or wire cord tips. Regular glue can be used to fix the tips. Then, depending on the sort of clasps you have, either fold the metal clasps over the string or bend them over the cord. Alternatively, you can crimp the clasp around the rope if the clasp features a coil. Lastly, add jump to the clasp.
  3. 3 Trim superfluous cord. To trim the surplus hemp, you may use any form of shears. Cut around 5 inches (12.7 centimeters) from the overhand knot so there is plenty length for adjusting and tying the necklace. If you don’t anticipate needing to alter it, you can trim off two or three inches of cable.
  4. 4 Completed.
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  • What am I to do with the second string? If you’re referring to the shorter center string as the second string, they just hang in the middle and serve as anchor cords that the 5-yard chain will be wound around. They are commonly known as the inner “anchor” cables.
  • How do you prevent the necklace from falling out of the loop? Add a button to the end piece that is sufficiently sized but not too huge for the hole. This will need either precise measurement or considerable estimation.

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What is required for making hemp jewelry?

How to Select Hemp Cordage – To create hemp jewelry, you must first pick hemp thread. Although hemp is now available in other hues, the “natural tan” hue remains the most popular. The majority of hemp jewelry is composed of 1mm or “20 lb” twine. However, thicker cords can be utilized well, particularly for men’s necklaces.