Where Can You Smoke Weed In Dc?

Where Can You Smoke Weed In Dc
Where in D.C. may I smoke marijuana? – To be clear, smoking marijuana in Washington, DC is allowed so long as it is not done in public or on government property. This implies smoking is permitted on private land, but not in privately accessible public locations such as stores or bars.

Can you smoke on sidewalk in DC?

You must enable JavaScript in order to access this website. Through the formulation and enforcement of rules and regulations that ban smoking in public places, the DC Department of Health strives to decrease exposure to secondhand smoke. It is scientifically known that passive smoking poses a health concern.

The Department of Health Functions Clarification Amendment Act of 2006 forbids smoking in the vast majority of public areas. The law entered into force on April 4, 2006. It is a violation of District law for anybody to smoke in an area where smoking is forbidden. Employers, property owners, and anyone in positions of power who tolerate smoking in banned locations or neglect to display “No Smoking” signs are also in violation.

For further information or to obtain free “No Smoking” signs, call (202) 442-5433 or email the Tobacco Control Program.

Conduct policy and FAQs The Wharf welcomes pets? Yes, hotels like the Canopy, Hyatt House, and Intercontinental are pet-friendly at The Wharf. Please remember that all pets must be on a leash and you are responsible for cleaning up after them (there are pet waste disposal stations at 7th Street Park).

Inquire about the pet regulations of any stores or restaurants you want to visit. Please exercise prudence at events, since huge crowds, food, and loud noises are common conditions that may make dogs uncomfortable. Am I permitted to take professional photographs or videos at The Wharf? Before conducting any form of professional photography or video at The Wharf, you must obtain a and acquire written consent from The Wharf Community Association, which maintains The Wharf’s outdoor spaces.

Requests for personal photography (such as an engagement photoshoot) that use modest equipment and do not interrupt Wharf activities, streets, or shops are frequently accepted expeditiously and without charge by The Wharf Community Association. Photography or videography for commercial or editorial purposes may need a location contract, insurance, and a permit cost.

  1. No obstructing roadways, no risqué attire or nudity, and no fake or actual weapons are permitted.
  2. Equipment, crew, and talent must be pre-approved and scheduled.
  3. Does The Wharf provide safety? The District Wharf Community Association is extremely concerned about your safety and security.
  4. We utilize professional security with a 24-hour command center and a comprehensive video system.

We are pleased to collaborate with the Metropolitan Police Department, the District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department, and other law enforcement organizations. Please notify the security personnel on-site of any occurrences or suspicious behavior.

All incidences are documented. Is The Wharf ADA-compliant? The Wharf was constructed according to ADA Accessibility Guidelines. To guarantee that everyone can enjoy the waterfront, ramps and elevators are installed in all buildings and external areas. Immediately adjacent to all cobblestone walks, paved walkways are provided.

Can I arrange parking in the garage in advance? Through, you may secure hourly, daily, and monthly parking at The Wharf’s subterranean garage. Visit our website for information on driving, public transportation, water taxis, and other means of reaching The Wharf.

What do children have to do? Check out our page for a comprehensive list of child-friendly activities and places to explore. What are your site rules? The following are forbidden in The Wharf’s public areas: Weapons Pedicabs ATVs Crabbing and fishing Tents, coolers, lawn chairs, and outdoor furnishings Sleeping Releasing balloons Scattering confetti, petals, grains, or similar items Mobile kitchens or catering (unless permitted by The Wharf for a private event) amplification of music (unless permitted by The Wharf) Open fires or grills (unless permitted by The Wharf) Fireworks (unless approved by The Wharf) (unless permitted by The Wharf) It is banned to engage in any form of solicitation, including engaging in commercial activities (such as offering any item for sale), conducting surveys, distributing literature, flyers, samples, or other goods, or seeking donations.

Engaging in expressive conduct without The Wharf’s prior written consent Have you a lost and found? Yes. Please contact the restaurant, bar, music venue, or hotel first if you misplaced an item there. The District Wharf Community Association stores for two weeks any goods discovered outside at The Wharf.

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Please use the form and choose ‘Misplaced and Found’ to email us if you have lost an item. After 30 days, items are given over to the MPD. Can I park my bicycle, motorized scooter, or moped at The Wharf? There are dozens of bicycle racks along the Maine Avenue SW cycletrack, as well as two free, public bicycle parking areas at The Wharf’s underground garage (located at the base of the Blair Alley and Sutton Square garage entrances).

There is little bicycle parking along Wharf Street SW. The garages of all The Wharf buildings (apartments, condominiums, and workplaces) contain designated, safe bicycle parking spots. Contact the building’s administrator for access. Bicycle racks are available for temporary usage.

  1. Unattended bicycles parked at The Wharf for more than 14 days will be confiscated.
  2. Bicycles chained to anything other than a bicycle rack (such as a railing, tree, or crowd fence) are subject to prompt removal.
  3. The Wharf is not liable for theft or damage to bicycles left on the property.
  4. All motorized two-wheel vehicles, such as scooters and mopeds, are forbidden from parking on The Wharf’s inner streets and walks (including, but not limited to Wharf Street, Water Street, Market Square, Blair Alley, District Square, Sutton Square, Pearl Street, and 7th Street Park).

Any two-wheeled motorized vehicles parked in these locations are subject to prompt removal and confiscation. Two-wheeled motorized vehicles may park along Maine Avenue SW so long as they do not obstruct any pedestrian, bicycle, or car path. Where are the restrooms located? There are various public bathrooms throughout The Wharf for your convenience: • Jetty Terminal Building on Transit Pier, directly behind Cantina Bambina (wheelchair accessible) • Water Street SW beneath 800 Maine Avenue and adjacent to Array Floral (wheelchair accessible) • Fish Market neighborhood underneath Tiki TNT • Market Pier provides sailors with access to floating restrooms Can I smoke? The Wharf does not permit smoking.

Please confine smoking on Maine Avenue to approved places only. The use of marijuana and other illegal narcotics is forbidden. Can I consume alcohol outdoors? Consumption of alcoholic beverages is only authorized in restaurants and bars, or in designated areas during special events. How do I conduct myself at The Wharf? At The Wharf, only authorized performers are permitted to perform.

To be considered, please submit a “Outdoor Street Performers” request on the website provided. Can my yacht dock at The Wharf? Yes, visit for overnight dockage. For hourly dockage, please visit. Can my event be held at The Wharf? Yes. The Wharf is home to various indoor and outdoor event facilities in a variety of sizes and is connected to a full array of wraparound services, including hotels, restaurants, catering, A/V, and party equipment rentals, to ensure the success of your event.

Explore our event locations and services further. Where should my bus, limo, or truck drop off passengers? Buses, limos, trucks, and commercial delivery vehicles are forbidden from using any entrances or loops at The Wharf due to the limited turning radius and high pedestrian congestion. All deliveries, trucks, taxi, bus, and limo drop-offs must use Maine Avenue SW, where the curb lane is exclusively reserved for Pick Up/Drop Off traffic.

View to find which Maine Avenue SW block is closest to your location. What are the parks and piers’ regulations? Please enjoy your stay and be kind to others. Observe all DC regulations and laws. Pick up and clean up pet waste (there are pet waste disposal stations at 7th Street Park).

  1. Remove any personal rubbish before departing.
  2. The following are expressly prohibited: • Smoking • Alcohol consumption and/or drug use • Amplified music • Off-leash pets • Feeding birds or other animals • Bike riding (please walk your bike) • Skateboarding or rollerblading • Motorized bikes or vehicles • Open flames or propane grills • Fireworks • Glass or glass bottles • Food trucks or catering • Fishing or crabbing • Releasing balloons • Swimming from the pier • Sleeping • Tents, hammocks, or sunshades • Parks and piers at The Wharf are privately managed public places that may occasionally close for seasonal upkeep or private activities.
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Failure to comply with these rules might result in instant expulsion from the area. We appreciate your cooperation. Fresh fish is readily available along the Southwest Waterfront in Washington, D.C. But The Wharf provides much more, including a variety of unique food, drink, and dining-time entertainment options.

Can residents of DC apartments smoke?

AN ACT To amend the Rental Housing Act of 1985 to prohibit smoking in a common area and outdoors within 25 feet of an entrance or window of a multifamily rental accommodation, to authorize a housing provider to provide a designated smoking area in an indoor common area, to prohibit the eviction of a tenant who violates the smoking prohibition, to require housing providers to post no smoking signs, and to authorize the Department of Health to enforce the smoking prohibition, an Act to amend the Rental Housing Act of 1985 to prohibit smoking in a common area and outdoors This legislation shall be known as the “Rental Housing Smoke-Free Common Area Amendment Act of 2018” Sec.2.

The Rental Housing Act of 1985 (D.C. Law 6-10; D.C. Official Code 42-3501.01 et seq.), which became effective on July 17, 1985 (D.C. Law 6-10; D.C. Official Code 42-3501.01 et seq.), is amended by adding a new section 509 as follows: ” Section 509. Restrictions on tobacco smoking. ” (1) Smoking is banned within an indoor common space of a multifamily dwelling and within 25 feet of an entrance or window of a multifamily dwelling.

(2) A housing provider is permitted to designate a section of an interior common area as a smoking area. The designated smoking area must: ” (A) Be as small as practical to accommodate the number of expected smokers; ” (C) Be clearly marked as a “designated smoking location” (3) No tenant may be evicted for a violation of this section; however, nothing in this section prohibits a housing provider from incorporating a smoking ban in a lease or rental agreement.

  • 1) A housing provider shall place or cause to be posted “No Smoking” signs in common areas of multifamily rental dwellings.
  • Need to give up? Contact the D.C.
  • Quitline” and provides the D.C.
  • Quitline’s current phone number and the globally known “no smoking” emblem.
  • 2) It is prohibited for any person to hide, remove, deface, mutilate, or destroy a sign displayed in accordance with this section.

“(c) (1) The Department of Health may conduct inspections and impose fines at any locations where smoking is prohibited by this section to verify that smoking does not occur in such locations and that all notice required by this section is displayed.

  1. 2) The housing provider of a multifamily rental dwelling where smoking is forbidden under this section should admonish individuals detected smoking in violation of this section to desist from smoking.
  2. D) Whoever violates this section by: ” (1) Smoking in a “no smoking” area will be assessed a civil fine of not less than ten dollars nor more than fifty dollars for the first offense and not less than fifty dollars nor more than one hundred dollars for each consecutive offense; ” (2) Obscuring, removing, defacing, mutilating, or destroying a sign posted in accordance with the provisions of this section shall be assessed a civil fine of not more than $100; and ” (3) (A) Failing to post or cause to be posted “no smoking” signs or failing to warn a smoker or user of tobacco products observed smoking or using tobacco products in violation of this section to stop doing so shall be assessed a civil fine of not more than $500; and ” (4) (B (b) Each day that the violation of subsection (b)(1) of this section continues constitutes a separate violation, and the civil penalties provided for in this section are applicable to each separate offense; provided, however, that such civil penalties shall not be levied against an employee or officer of a branch, agency, or instrumentality of the District government acting in his or her official capacity.
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(e) For purposes of this section, the term: “(1) “Common area” includes those sections of a multifamily rental dwelling available for the use of all tenants of the dwelling, including a community room, community restroom, lobby, corridor, laundry room, stairwell, offices, elevator, and recreational area.

” (2) “Multifamily rental accommodation” includes a housing facility with two or more rental units, excluding single-family dwellings as defined in section 103(14).” (3) “Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning, or carrying a lighted or heated cigar, cigarette, pipe, electronic smoking device, or any other tobacco or plant product designed for human inhalation, in any manner or form.

(f) Pursuant to Title I of the District of Columbia Administrative Procedure Act, enacted on October 21, 1968 (82 Stat.1204; D.C. Official Code 2-501 et seq.), the Mayor may promulgate regulations to effectuate the requirements of this section.” Sec.3.

  • Fiscal impact statement.
  • The Council approves the fiscal impact statement contained in the committee report as the fiscal impact statement required by section 4a of the General Legislative Procedures Act of 1975, amended on October 16, 2006 (120 Stat.2038; D.C.
  • Official Code 1-301.47a).
  • Section 4.
  • Date of effect.

This act shall become effective following approval by the Mayor (or, in the event of a veto by the Mayor, Council action to override the veto), a 30-day period of congressional review as provided in section 602(c)(1) of the District of Columbia Home Rule Act, approved December 24, 1973 (87 Stat.813; D.C.

The telephone survey of 810 registered voters in Maryland was conducted from September 22-27, with 79 percent of respondents reaching through mobile phone. The margin of error is four percentage points plus or minus.

Is smoking permitted on the National Mall?

Important Information Prior to Your Visit – National Mall and Memorial Parks (U.S. National Park Service) Park Requirements In memorial sites, federal rules ban smoking, biking or skating, eating, drinking, and other activities. The majority of memorials exclude pets.

  • Wildlife feeding is forbidden.
  • Street and lot parking in the National Mall and Memorial Parks are insufficient to serve the park’s visitors.
  • In the downtown area of Washington, D.C., parking is scarce.
  • Off the National Mall, parking facilities are accessible throughout downtown.
  • On Ohio Drive, SW, which runs along the Potomac River south of the Lincoln Memorial, and in Lots A, B, and C south of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, there is limited, free, all-day parking.

Transports publics The National Mall and Memorial Parks are advised to be reached using a number of public transit choices, including as the Metro train and bus. The Smithsonian station is the closest to the National Mall’s most regularly used places, but numerous other stops are also convenient.

  • Visit the website for information on public transportation alternatives, costs, and schedules.
  • Walking Many guests are astonished by how much they walk in the park.
  • The distance between the Lincoln Memorial and the Capitol Building is two miles.
  • Please plan to wear proper footwear for lengthy durations of standing and walking.

Heat-Related Conditions The combination of heat, overexertion, and dehydration can result in life-threatening heat-related disease. Consume a lot of water during the day, relax in the shade, use sun protection, and wear breathable clothing: Things To Know Before You Visit – National Mall and Memorial Parks (U.S.

What are the penalties for smoking in public?

Public smoking is prohibited by section (4) of the 2003 “Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (Prohibition of Advertisement and Regulation of Trade and Commerce, Production, Supply, and Distribution) Act.” Any infringement of this statute is penalized by a fine of up to Rs.200 (the fine can range from Rs.