Where Is The Cannabis Cup In Denver?

Where Is The Cannabis Cup In Denver
Rocky Mountain High is located at 1233 W Alameda Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80223. Rocky Mountain High is located at 1201 20th Street, Denver, Colorado 80202.

Does Colorado have a Cannabis Cup?

The High Times Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice 2022 winners have been announced, and it will go down in history! In a highly competitive industry, a Cannabis Cup award is a badge of distinction that distinguishes a firm from the rest of the competitors.

The purpose of the Cannabis Cup Colorado: People’s Choice Edition is to recognize and honor the finest cannabis products from around the state, with entries in 12 distinct categories, several of which are exclusive to the Colorado cannabis industry. And the top benefit? The awardees are selected by the distinguished citizens of the Centennial State.

Between June 5, when Judges Kits were made available, until August 7, People’s Choice Judges painstakingly rated each cannabis submission on appearance, flavor, aroma, effect, and burnability on a scale of one to ten. As they tested each item, judges were allowed to log in to the Judging Portal on CannabisCup.com.

Cannabis judges sought for online cannabis contest Residents of Southern California will have the opportunity to join the ranks of Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg as judges for an upcoming cannabis competition., a publication that covers cannabis news and culture, is seeking judges for its annual Southern California Cannabis Cup.

According to the magazine, the cannabis tournament will be evaluated by regular cannabis consumers who purchase a judging kit. The kits range in price from $60 to $200 depending on the category, with more than 11 alternatives available to judges. The participating judges will analyze and vote in categories such as best indica, sativa, and edibles, which will be given by more than 150 local brands.

Each kit will include a variety of samples so that the judge can make an educated selection and offer specific feedback on the “aesthetics, scent, flavor, and effects” of each product. The Cannabis Cup has a long history in Southern California, and, as proven by the past roster of A-list celebrity experts, it is a prominent marijuana competition.

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According to Mark Kazinec, director of events and competitions at High Times, this year’s competition is the second time the magazine has chosen an online approach. “We anticipate recruiting a more varied group of judges to choose the state’s finest growers. With more recreational categories and items than ever before, we cannot wait to see the kits on shop shelves this weekend and hear the cannabis community’s comments “Kazinec added.

On Saturday, the judging kits were available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Each package has an odor-proof bag and grading cards. Before July 24, each expert judge has sixty days to analyze their selections and submit their scorecards.

Who was the winner of the cultivators Cup?

“Best Cannabis in Massachusetts” Named at the Massachusetts Cultivator’s Cup; Bountiful Farms Wins First Place for the Second Year Running BOSTON, Sept.7 /PRNewswire/ –, an award-winning, premium, and independent cannabis farmer, has earned first place in the competition held in Worcester, Massachusetts during Labor Day weekend.

This is the second year in a row that Bountiful Farms has won “best in show” and “the greatest grass in Mass” in this blind-tasting competition judged by cannabis enthusiast customers from Massachusetts. Zachary Taylor, general manager of cultivation at Bountiful Farms, at the Massachusetts Cultivator’s Cup.

One year after winning the cup for their distinctive Pina Grande strain, Bountiful Farms claimed first place in the cannabis Flower Category with their prized Slap and Tickle. Additionally, the team won second place in the Solventless Category for its Colorado Chem in the Vape Category for their Papaya Cake.

The Massachusetts Cultivator’s Cup is a true-blind cannabis competition that seeks to determine who cultivates the “greatest grass in Massachusetts.” The Cultivator’s Cup was created to empower and establish up-and-coming licensed cannabis producers, while also allowing consumers to submit candid opinion on various cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

” Zachary Taylor, General Manager of Cultivation at Bountiful Farms, stated, “We are humbled and pleased to have earned this prestigious award again, and we couldn’t be happier.” “This award is a testimonial to the dedication of our whole team at Bountiful Farms to cultivating the highest-quality cannabis imaginable.

  • At Bountiful Farms, we live, eat, breathe, and sleep cannabis, and this blind competition is genuinely about the passion and the art of cultivating.
  • We are pleased that our hard work and enthusiasm are appreciated by cannabis enthusiasts throughout Massachusetts.” Due to its focus to quality and innovation, Bountiful Farms has gone from a brand-new producer and dispensary to a major participant in the Massachusetts cannabis industry in just two years.
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These recent wins add to the team’s expanding collection of prized Cannabis Cups, which includes three out of four awards at the first Massachusetts Cultivator’s Cup in 2021 and the “Best Indica Flower” award at the High Times Massachusetts Cannabis Cup.

  1. Where to Shop At the Bountiful Farms medical dispensary situated at 13 Mercer Rd.
  2. In Natick, Massachusetts, medicinal cardholders can purchase award-winning strains and other cannabis products.
  3. These products are offered for recreational customers through retail partners such as Alternative Therapies Group, Botera, Rise, and Theory Wellness, to mention a few.

Customers must be at least 21 years old. Visit for further details. Regarding Bountiful Farms Bountiful Farms is an independent, award-winning, premium cannabis farmer with a medical dispensary in Natick, Massachusetts. General Manager of Growing Zachary Taylor and his team cultivate premium cannabis in a state-of-the-art cultivation and processing facility in Lakeville, Massachusetts, with an emphasis on quality and a commitment to innovation and exploration.

  1. In September 2021, little than one year after hitting the market, Bountiful Farms won three out of four categories at the Massachusetts Cultivator’s Cup, the state’s first-ever people’s choice cannabis competition.
  2. In September 2022, the team replicated history by winning “best flower in Massachusetts” for a second consecutive year.

For further information, please visit and follow,, and. SOURCE “Best Cannabis in Massachusetts” Awarded to Bountiful Farms at the Massachusetts Cultivator’s Cup: Second Year in a Row, Bountiful Farms Wins the Sought-After First-Place Award

What does a High Times Judge kit consist of?

A stale and weighty set ideal for the holidays! Samples of (30) edibles from leading companies in California, including chocolate bars, gummies, mouth sprays, mints, granola bars, and hard candies. This package contains about 2500 milligrams of THC alone.