Why Are My Cannabis Leaves Curling Down?

Why Are My Cannabis Leaves Curling Down
Overwatering – The first step in identifying the cause of leaves that curl is to ensure that you are not overwatering. The plant is susceptible to drowning and bud rot due to overwatering, and Pythium, the parasite that causes root rot, thrives in this environment.

  1. The leaves of cannabis curl owing to waterlogging and root rot.
  2. Overwatering is one of the most prevalent problems faced by novice gardeners, but it is luckily simple to rectify.
  3. Examine your plants before watering them.
  4. Consider the soil and the foliage.
  5. If the leaves are drooping and growing slowly, and the soil is dry to a depth of at least one inch, it is time to water.

Otherwise, it would likely be preferable to wait. In general, overwatering plants is more detrimental than gentle underwatering. Underwatering can also cause leaves to curl; in this instance, simply water them more often. If the plant’s leaves recover after 30 minutes of being watered, you know that underwatering caused the leaves to curl.

If your plant has been overwatered, allow it to dry out for a few days and then adjust your watering schedule accordingly. A moisture meter is a sophisticated instrument for determining a plant’s watering requirements. A moisture meter, like a thermometer, measures the plant’s root-to-shoot water saturation.

If you put your plant out to dry for many days and it is still damp, it may be advisable to transplant it into new, unwatered soil to avoid complications.

Why are my cannabis plant’s leaves fading and curling?

Nitrogen deficit – Cannabis leaves that curl up or down can also be caused by a nitrogen deficiency, however this is a far less common cause than overwatering. The amount of nitrogen your cannabis requires varies according on its size, exposure to light, humidity conditions, and growth medium.

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Why are the leaves on my plant curling?

Light Burn – Heat stress and light burn can occasionally occur together, however light burn can occur even at optimal temperatures. Indoor setups are more susceptible to light burn, typically because the plants are too near to the grow lights. As with heat stress, the curling will likely occur at the plant’s top or wherever it is closest to the light source.

Conclusion on Curled Cannabis Leaves If you find that the leaves on your marijuana plants are curling, it is advisable to address this issue before it escalates into a serious issue. Now that you are aware of what to do, you should have no issue quickly managing cannabis leaves that are curled.