How to Best Protect Your Collective Marijuana in Shasta Lake


Cannabis flowers tend to be sold by co-ops in small, clear plastic zip-top baggies, but it is advised that patients find alternative storage containers when they get their product home. THC will break down under bright lights and reduce the effectiveness of the medication. Likewise, a humid environment can cause unwanted molds and mildews to grow and thrive. While there are many marijuana storage options to be found, some are better than others.

The Worst.

How to Best Protect Your Collective MarijuanaAs mentioned above, the plastic bags used by marijuana collectives to fill patients’ orders are meant to be a short-term storage solution. The bags themselves are simply the least expensive options for many co-ops finances. In order to protect the organic, beneficial properties of cannabis, it is best to keep it out of direct light. Plastic is also permeable, which means that oxygen can get in and dry out the product. The porous nature of plastic may also allow humid air to enter and cause molds to grow. The static properties of plastic containers can remove trichomes from the surface of buds and reduce the medication’s effectiveness.


Glass seems to be the preferred storage method for most medical marijuana patients. Glass jars do not have the same static electric charge found in plastics. This will help keep those beneficial trichomes on the buds. Clear jars, such as those used in canning, can be useful as long is they are then stored in a dark environment and away from sources of heat. Many marijuana-specific containers use a cork instead of a screw-top lid. The problem with cork stoppers is that, much like plastic, there is a high level of permeability.

The Best.

While the use of glass is good, it is even better to use airtight containers. There is a variety of vacuum sealable canning jars on the market. These storage options allow patients to remove all the oxygen from around the marijuana and therefore protect its THC content and reduce the chances that mold will grow. For those without access to a low-light storage space, it is recommended that users purchase opaque or dark colored jars to protect their medication from the effects of light degradation. .

Most experts agree that patients should store their marijuana in a jar appropriately sized for the amount of product in order to reduce air space and prevent unwanted drying. There is some debate about the refrigeration of marijuana, but freezing is definitely discouraged. Likewise, cigar humidors are inappropriate as they may oversaturate the product. The cedar wood used to make humidors will also override the flavor profiles of buds. When available, a cool, dark place like a wine cellar is highly recommended. In short, the proper storage of marijuana will go a long way in providing the best relief possible for the longest amount of time.