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woman cooking medical marijuana dish

Our ancestors discovered marijuana thousands of years ago and since then we have searched for ways to make it more effective. Strains have been cloned, hybridized, and cloned again and now the flowers look nothing like they did all those centuries ago.

Now, creating easy-to-use products that increase the health effects of medical marijuana are the name of the game. Each year, some new way of consuming cannabis is released. Some may fail, but many quickly become a standard for patients.

woman cooking medical marijuana dish

1. Atomizers

While this technology has existed for some time, the packaging has changed a lot. The first marijuana atomizers were large, bulky, and required the use of plastic bags. Fortunately for patients, the atomizing coils are now being made small enough to fit into electronic, pen-sized, delivery systems. The chamber of these devices are meant to be filled with medical marijuana flowers and, after charging the battery, they will slowly and evenly burn the material allowing patients a particular ease in their consumption.

2. Vapes

Unlike vape pens made for the inhalation of nicotine-filled products, medical marijuana vaporizers offer true relief to patients. These handy and portable devices are equipped with rechargeable batteries and can be filled with just about any type of cannabis concentrate. From hashes to oils made from just about every strain, you are sure to find a combination to suit your needs. Simply purchase the vaping device made for your preferred concentrate, load it up, and find relief within minutes.

3. Rubs

Usually made with CBDs instead of THC, essential oils, topical rubs, and ointments, are proving themselves worthy in the world of pain relief. Patients using cannabis rubs swear by the products’ abilities and ensure skeptics that there is no “high” associated with their use. These products are relieving problems like muscle soreness, irritated skin, and inflammation in both adults and children. It is considered safer than steroid creams and can be applied directly to nearly any area of the body.

4. Teas

So, brewing tea from marijuana is not a new invention. However, every new strain creates an opportunity to brew the perfect pot of tea to match your medical needs. The flavor profiles of marijuana strains alone, and the blending of them, make for some of the most aromatic teas around. Patients needing quiet pain relief, or help with insomnia, will likely find it in a cup of tea brewed from indicas. On the other hand, a need to remain alert, while also decreasing ailments like anxiety, may lead a patient to try a blend of sativas.

5. Edibles

Back in the early days of marijuana edibles, there were brownies. Since then, the world of medical cannabis treats has exploded into a multi-million dollar industry with goods to match any taste. After the brownies came cookies and then someone made hard candies. There are now recipes available for lollipops, pizza crusts, macaroni and cheese, and even weed-infused sodas. Some use what is known as “cannabutter” from which the material is removed, but others use concentrates that are dissolved into the mixture for more potent results.

Relief from medical issues should be easily obtained in a world of such great innovators. Finally, medical marijuana patients are able to partake in their cannabis medication in the ways that best suit their needs and tastes.


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