How To Get Medical Marijuana In Texas?

You are required to obtain a prescription for medicinal marijuana from a physician who is enrolled with the Texas Compassionate Use Program (CUP). Access to marijuana for medicinal purposes is not restricted based on age. However, individuals who are under the age of 18 are required to acquire the approval of a parent or legal guardian.

How do I get a medical marijuana card in Texas?

Obtain a Prescription from Your Doctor Obtaining a medical marijuana card in the state of Texas is not possible; nevertheless, under the Texas Compassionate Use Act, certain patients may be eligible to access cannabis for medicinal purposes. After determining whether or not you could be eligible for the program, the following step is to have a trained medical professional examine you.

What happens when you get medical marijuana in Texas?

  • If the patient is given permission to use cannabis for medicinal purposes, the physician will add the patient’s information to the Compassionate Use Registry.
  • After that, the patient will be allowed to acquire marijuana products with a lower ratio of THC to CBD.
  • We make it easy for prospective patients in need of medical marijuana in Texas to establish a connection with a state-approved physician through our web platform.

Can You Grow your own medical cannabis in Texas?

  • No, the cultivation of medical marijuana at home is not permitted.
  • Solely those with a valid license to dispense cannabis will be allowed to cultivate the plant, and only for the purpose of producing low-THC cannabis.
  • Patients are needed to obtain cannabis products with a low THC content from a dispensing organization that has been granted a license.
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What is the price range for cannabis used for medical purposes in Texas?

Where is Texas’s first medical marijuana dispensary?

Cansortium Texas launched the first medical marijuana dispensary in the state of Texas in Schulenberg in December of 2017. The medical marijuana dispensary known as Knox Medical is not a conventional dispensary in the sense that it does not have a storefront; however, they do provide delivery services.

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