How To Tell If Your Weed Is Moldy?

What are the most reliable methods for identifying moldy weed?

  1. Look. Examining the bud with your bare eyes is the quickest and easiest approach to determine whether or not the cannabis has been tainted by mold.
  2. Smell. There will be a vast range of odors emanating from your cannabis, ranging from berry to diesel fuel to skunk.
  3. Feel. Marijuana that has been properly cured and is in good condition should have a dry and crispy texture. It’s possible that the mold on your cannabis is making it feel moist and squishy
  4. Look Deeper. If you have access to a microscope or are able to purchase one (they are not overly expensive these days), you will be able to identify the first stages of mold growth before it
  5. Check For Any Possible Recalls. If all else fails, you may visit the websites of various media outlets and even the grower (whether they have one) to see if they have issued any recalls because of moldy weed

How do you know if your weed has mold?

  • It is simple to determine whether or not mold has taken over an area.
  • It’s the same fuzzy green, blue, or gray-white cluster that you find on rotten bread or cheese; it can be found on your stockpile as well.
  • Occasionally, it appears as a powdery mildew on the leaves or buds of the plant.
  • Dry and crisp is how the plant, buds, or marijuana should feel when rubbed between your fingers if it is high-quality cannabis.

What is the difference between trichomes and moldy weed?

Trichomes are made of a resinous substance, whereas mold has a more fuzzy, hairy, or thread-like appearance when viewed up close. It’s probably not going to be very useful to point out that moldy marijuana has a scent similar to mold.

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